Poultry & Waterfowl Show

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Date of Event: SUNDAY June 5, 2016 at 10:30AM
Location of Event: AGRI-LAND (Poultry Tent)
Committee Chairperson: George Cooper
Vice Chairperson: Deanna Porco
Show Secretary: George Cooper
Judge: Charles Tilt

Important Dates & Times

Entry Closing Date: Monday May 30th , 2016
Animal Exhibit Entry Form DOC
Animal Exhibit Entry Form PDF

Arrival Time: Sunday June 5th, 2016 after 7:00AM and before 10:00AM

Release Time: Sunday June 5th, 2016 at 4:00PM

**PLEASE NOTE: Poultry exhibitors may unload their exhibits via the St. Thomas Gates.  Immediately after your exhibits have been unloaded we ask that you leave the loading zone and park in the exhibitor parking.

Rules and Regulations:

  1. Entries must be submitted to George Cooper (1100 Coopers’ Falls Road,Box 1 Coopers Falls, RR 1 Washago L0K 2B0 or kdgcooper74@gmail.ca) no later than Monday June 1st, 2015.
  2. Each entry must give class and section
  3. Prize money in all sections will be $4.00, $3.00, $2.00
  4. Champion and Reserve Champion will be awarded in the Standard, Bantam and Waterfowl Sections
  5. All exhibitors will be allowed 2 entries per section
  6. Each exhibitor will be allowed a total of 75  entries
  7. Each poultry section will be divided into class “A” Male (cock or cockerel) and “B” Female (hen or pullet)
  8. Each Waterfowl section will be divided into class “A” Male and “B” Female
  9. All entries will be judged according to the American Standard of Perfection.  Prizes will not be awarded to a bird unless deemed worthy by the judge.
  10. Birds that show signs of sickness will be removed from the show.
  11. All entries will be judged individually, but cooped in pairs, if possible.  Waterfowl to be shown in owner’s coops.

**NOTE TO ALL POULTRY EXHIBITORS – All birds entered must originate from Salmonella Pullorum –Typhoid clean province, states, countries or have been tested (to Animal Disease and Protection Act Section 79 standards) with negative results to be eligible for entry.

Standard Poultry
  1. Rock White
  2. Rock AOC
  3. Wyandotte Silver Laced
  4. Wyandotte AOV
  5. Jersey Giant
  6. Rhode Island Red
  7. American AOV
  8. Brahma A.V
  9. Cochin Black
  10. Cochin Buff
  11. Cochin AOV

12. Orpington
13.  Sussex
14.  Australorp
15.  Dorking
16.  Leghorn Solid Colour
17.  Leghorn Parti Colour
18.  Minorca
19.  AOV Mediteranian
20.  Hamburg
21.  Samatra
22.  Polish
23. AOV Standard

24.  Barred Rock
25.  White Rock
26.  White Wyandotte
27.  Black Wyandotte
28.  Partridge Wyandotte
29.  AOV Wyandotte
30.  Rhode Island Red
31. Leghorn AV
32.  Japanese AV
33.  Sebright Silver
34.  Sebright Golden
35.  Cochin Black
36. Cochin Buff
37.  Cochin Blue
38.  Cochin AOV
39.  Brahma Buff
40.  Brahma Light
41. Brahma Dark
42.  Mille Fleur
43.  Old English Black
44.  Old English Black Red
45.  Old English AOV
46.  Silkie
47.  Cornish
48.AOV Bautam
Waterfowl – Ducks
49.  Pekin
50.  Rouen
51. Cayuga
52.  AOV Medium
53.  Runner
54.  Grey Call
55.  White Call
56.  AOV Call
57.  East Indian
58. AO Breed Ducks
Waterfowl – Geese
59.  Embden
60.  African
61.  Chinese
62.  AOV Geese

For more information e-mail: Kdgcooper74@gmail.com